The Aviator.

The best sunglasses are the ones that versatile. The aviator is probably the most versatile style of glasses, they are the originals of sunglasses and have ensured a long time survival still being one of the most popular styles to this day in this ever changing fashion world. Aviators came around in the mid 1930’s, originally they was not even designed as...

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Year 3000.

 Right now fly, futuristic sunglasses are a huge craze! It is rumoured that Rihanna started the trend when she styled a small, futuristic pair of Dior sunglasses with an outfit last year. Since then she has now collabed with Dior with her own line of sunglasses. The shades in the collection look extremely futuristic. It’s believed that this is where the...

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Vintage Retro.

They say everything old becomes new again and if that applies anywhere then it is definitely in the fashion scene. Styles from the past have a way of coming back in a new modern form, for example vintage/retro sunglasses have become a huge leading accessory.  It's not surprising that a lot of styles of glasses that were popular in the past have...

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