Year 3000.

Right now fly, futuristic sunglasses are a huge craze! It is rumoured that Rihanna started the trend when she styled a small, futuristic pair of Dior sunglasses with an outfit last year. Since then she has now collabed with Dior with her own line of sunglasses. The shades in the collection look extremely futuristic. It’s believed that this is where the whole trend that seems to be sweeping the nation begun. The style varies very widely, from shades that look similar to the matrix to wired, mirrored, rimless and many more. Sizes vary, however the look works very well with small frames. They have become highly favoured, many celebrities and style icons have been seen rocking this style of glasses making them even more popular.

One person in particular known for her great style of futuristic sunglasses is Kim Kardashian, with her amazing unique style these particular glasses have made a huge statement and attracted an awful lot of positive attention.  These glasses are in huge demand and I wouldn’t bet on them going out fashion anytime soon . Remember today’s the beginning of the future..