The Aviator.

The best sunglasses are the ones that versatile. The aviator is probably the most versatile style of glasses, they are the originals of sunglasses and have ensured a long time survival still being one of the most popular styles to this day in this ever changing fashion world. Aviators came around in the mid 1930’s, originally they was not even designed as a fashion accessory but to keep the sun out of the pilots, hence the name ‘Aviators’.

Aviators become popular when a company called ray-ban come about. A historic brand was created and they have made a huge impact on the sunglasses industry. Aviators are classics for a reason, they simply never go out of style, as well suiting most face shapes and also have a huge variety for men.

Today designer companies as prestigious as prada, Tom ford, Michael kors and many more have aviator collections inspired by this old, classic style. Aviators are a huge, never ending trend and 8/10 people do own at least one pair of aviators. It’s been 88 years and these shades are still the in thing so I wouldn't expect to be saying bye to them any time soon.